Female Celebs with the Best Style

#15 Taylor Swift Taylor Swift has inspired countless fashion designers and become a style muse to many. We love her ladylike and mature fashion choices of late – so classy!

#14 Zooey Deschanel Who doesn’t love Zooey Deschanel’s cute and quirky style? We love her vintage-filled wardrobe and how she can mix old pieces with new to create a totally unique look!

#13 Rihanna Over the past few years we’ve learnt that Rihanna can pull off just about any look. Whether she’s in a gown on the red-carpet or walking the streets in shorts and a t-shirt, we love how she can always look so fabulous!

#12 Kate Middleton It seems as though every time Kate Middleton steps out at a royal event, she is the star attraction! The Duchess never seems to put a foot wrong when it comes to her ladylike style.

#11 Olivia Palermo What can we say, Olivia Palermo always gets her fashion choices right. Whether it’s a cute mini-dress, a statement jacket, or just simple jeans and a t-shirt, this girl is definitely a style inspiration!

#10 Emma Watson Emma Watson made headlines when she decided to cut her lovely locks, but since then the (fashion) world have really stood up and taken notice of her bold, yet super stylish, outfit choices!

#9 Leighton Meester Not only is Leighton Meester’s Gossip Girl character so stylish that it hurts, but the actress also displays her own love of fashion and accessories, and her choices on and off the red-carpet are to be admired!

#8 Lauren Conrad Forever the fashionista, Lauren Conrad has graced countless best-dressed lists and still remains a fashion icon for many to this day. We love how she’s always two steps ahead of any trend!

#7 Katy Perry Not only is Katy Perry a singing sensation, but she has also become known for her sensational style! Both on and off the red-carpet, the star always looks fashion-forward and comfortable in her own skin.

#6 Kate Moss It’s hard to think of another female celebrity who has ended up on the top of best-dressed lists for as long as Kate Moss has – such style inspiration! Many say she’s the original, and the best.

#5 Emma Stone She looked great playing the role of Mary-Jane in the latest Spiderman movie, but it’s Emma Stone’s real-life style choices that have everyone paying attention to her!

#4 Beyonce Beyonce’s always been one star on the fashion radar, and it isn’t hard to see why – we love her vibrant and colorful outfit combinations!

#3 Kate Bosworth Not only does Kate Bosworth perfect day-time cool, but she also is a master at being the best-dressed on the red-carpet!

#2 The Olsen Twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have topped the style charts for years now, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down! Always ahead of the trends, they’re definitely two to watch.

#1 Rachel Bilson We loved her in The O.C and every movie she’s starred in since, but most of all we’ve always loved her cute and casual style!

Courtesy: http://shopping.likes.com


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