Nat Geo Travel Contest Winners

In the Okefenokee Swamp, this alligator spent several hours attempting to crack the shell of this turtle. It eventually grew bored and the turtle walked away.
 (Photo and caption Courtesy Patrick Castleberry / National Geographic Your Shot)

I caught this funny shot of a male red kangaroo just chilling at the Jacksonville Zoo. (Photo and caption Courtesy Graham McGeorge/ National Geographic Your Shot)

South Luanga N.P., Zambia, 2011. Most lion kills occur at night, many times in the thickets. We witnessed a group of 20 lions take down an African buffalo in the afternoon and out from the thicket. Two prides had joined up, the Kaingo and Mwamba prides. There were 12 females and 8 young males. The pursuit and kill took over 20 minutes. As the African food chain worked its wonder, very little was left of the massive animal in 36 hours. (Photo and caption Courtesy Jim Edwards / National Geographic Your Shot)



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