Instant help when you are in trouble

GoSuraksheit, Hughes Systique India Private Limited GoSuraksheit is a Security Application that enables users to seek help from the contacts they trust the most from almost anywhere. This application arms users with 4 extremely strong e-weapons which you can use at just a click of a button. More: NASSCOM cares less

Sentinel, MindHelix Technosol Pvt Ltd Sentinel, a GPS-based mobile security application, helps individuals, institutions and governments prevent crime and often reach the crime scene before it’s too late. Anyone with a mobile phone and Sentinel, trapped in a mean street, stalked by thugs, or caught in an ugly fight can send his/her GPS location and an SMS alert to friends, the company’s security division or to the cops and make an auto-SOS call – all at the tap of a single button. Even if an attacker snatches and destroys the phone, the Sentinel server continues to send out the alerts.

Nirbhaya: Be Fearless, SmartCloud Infotech Pvt Ltd Nirbhaya: Be Fearless©” developed by Pune based SmartCloud Infotech is a simple yet highly effective Mobile App to send SOS/Distress messages with location updates to predefined SMS contact groups, Facebook wall and secured web portal. This app has great location accuracy (follows GPS and Mobile Tower location) and gives location updates even when the victim is moving. The app works through single Click Widgets and unique Shake n Alert feature. This app is highly recognized in India with 10,000+ downloads and 90+ Five Star ratings. The app is available on Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. SmartCloud is working on creating an Enterprise Edition of this app for Employers to customize this app for their employees.

SafeBridge, Telerik India SafeBridge is a personal safety mobile application. Built by the Telerik India team, this app works without mobile internet and can be used to inform your friends & family about your travel or any threat. They receive your exact location via SMS, helping them to rush to your aid in case of need. The app also provides a ready list of phone numbers that you may find useful in times of need. Built for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone using Kendo UI and Icenium, this app also enables users to report any social crime that you observe around you.

FightBack, Tech Mahindra FightBack, is a women safety SOS mobile application developed by CanvasM Technologies Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of Tech Mahindra. It is aimed to facilitate women’s safety so that they can move freely anywhere with confidence, keeping their friends and family stress free. It also shows the vulnerable places on the Google map on the basis of the past SOS alert data.

One Touch SOS, Ideophone One Touch SOS is a simple yet powerful and reliable application. We have spent a lot of effort in detecting the user’s accurate location, which works even indoors. On mere pressing of a button, the app detects the location and sends the address to the user’s Safety Net with a marker on a map. Safety Net members can locate the user anytime over an SMS.

inE, Rain Concert Technologies Pvt. Ltd. inE networks for Safety and Security empowering each and every stakeholders of the ecosystem such as the Public especially women, Private Security guards Services, Emergency Response systems like police, ambulance, fire rescue etc, Technology Providers, other service providers etc – by combining technologies, human intervention, and unconventional business models. inE takes care of the post alert stage of a distress call. It has a unique response model of Alert-Validate-Act. inE connects to nearest and appropriate resources when we need help. inE is a Facebook of Safety & Security in the making.

iFollow, Aucupa Innovative Solutions iFollow is a personal app designed to work silently on your mobile as a background activity to reduce power consumption and CPU usage. iFollow will get activated when shaking the device for 5 seconds and app will automatically dial a voice call to your prime contact configured in the device.

SafeTrac, KritiLabs SafeTrac is a free mobile app that provides enhanced safety and security. At the click of a button, an emergency alert SMS & Email is sent containing the precise location of the user. SafeTrac is available for android smartphones as well as basic phones that support java. SafeTrac provides proactive alerts when users approach the vicinity of ‘Unsafe’ spots reported by other users.

PanicGuard, PanicGuard Ltd PanicGuard works before, during and after an emergency situation, collecting and broadcasting realtime audio visual information, tracking and personal details – which connects to your friends and family and the police response service.



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