Kate Upton poses topless on a horse


Kate Upton

She has the oomph, she has the figure and boy! she flaunts it rather well. Kate Upton gives her fans an eyeful as she goes topless for a photoshoot.  The icing on the cake is that Kate reveals it all while riding a horse.

The sassy lass was caught on video as she pulled off her brassiere while sitting on a horse.

The video was obtained was TMZ. Proving once again that she’s far from shy, Kate took one step further than other models and stripped down to her bottoms.

Raunchy: Kate Upton wears nothing but a bikini bottom and a pair of red heels.

The sassy lass was caught on video as she pulled off her jumper and brassiere while sitting astride the white steed during a recent modelling session.

Watch video

TMZ, the celebrity gossip website created quite an uproar on Twitter over the censored video. Her fans took to the social networking site and tweeted,

“So @TMZ has a video of Kate Upton riding a horse topless but won’t release it? I’m officially organizing an angry mob. We ride at dusk.”

Another wrote: “Because when you’re 27 and having an aneurism because you can’t find uncensored video of @KateUpton topless on a horse…its time to panic.”

And a third added: “If an uncensored version of that topless Kate Upton video @TMZ posted doesn’t surface, it’ll be the greatest example of communism ever.”

The sexy babe has definitely  become a super hot property. We like.

Courtesy: http://indiatoday.intoday.in


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