Too big to be ignored or too small to be big- meet the extremists!

Michele Koebke- Mikel Ruffinelli

One may find it hard to believe, but a new theory to get a slender waist has been making rounds. A German woman Michele Koebke has shrunken her waist from 64 cm to just 40 cm by wearing a small corset for three long years.

While, on the other hand a 39-year-old Mikel Ruffinelli is loving all the attention she is getting for her over-sized hips, which measure over eight feet round.

Everybody wishes to flaunt a curvy and sexy waist line, we cut down on fat, sweat out hard to burn calories but this theory is surely eyebrow raising.

To achieve such a feat, she wore a small sized corset for three long years. One really needs to re-think whether it’s sexy or dangerous?

While, on the contrary Mikel Ruffinelli’s hips are sixty inches bigger than her waist.



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