Fatigued body – Add LIFE with ‘Energy Healing’

Do you feel tired or you find trouble in getting out of bed in the morning? Many a times we avoid doing anything. We lose interest in everything. It is paining everywhere in the body. A feeling of regular tiredness is there.

It is Adrenal fatigue. It means that various glands of body system are not working in a regular manner but dragging at very low capacity.

Any or every small ailment results into chronic problem.

Regular sinus, migraine, breathing problem, constipation giving rise to different problems in the digestive system, depression, anxiety, short tempered, Gynae problems with ladies, and various other problems may be caused due to uneven working of the different glands in the body.

Usually when the patient approaches the Medical Doctor for any ailment, he /she is offered the best treatment based on the different body examinations. It comforts the patient but mis-alignment of different glands may pose hurdles in normal working of the human body.

Basically human-body is very complicated machinery. It is more complicated than even the super computer. So far the systems of the body are working fine, we take it for granted but if the blood-circulation in any part of the system is affected due to any reason, the body may indicate in some or other form. On its own the body systems are in the continuous healing process but in case of aggravated feelings of any nature, body-systems cry for external help to overcome the hurdles.

Correct diagnosis is very important for proper relief. Proper working of all the glands is equally important.

5,000 years old Acupressure therapy has been largely followed by China and India. Yoga is also a natural system of improving working of human systems. But the patient must know the proper acu-points which are to be properly activated. A trained Acupressure therapist can rightly help. Similarly Yoga teacher can guide to perform any particular yoga-assn in the right form with correct breathing procedure.

There have been many cases when the patient consulted some Acupressure therapist and/or Yoga teacher and gained relief from chronic problem such as: regular head-ache, cervical spondylosis, back-pain, frozen shoulder, breathing problem, constipation, sciatica pain, pain in calf-muscle and joint-pains etc. In no way anybody should feel that the regular medical treatment can be avoided.

Energy healing is based on the concept that every human body has same amount of energy but its utilisation depends upon the proper working of the body systems. Uneven working of different glands chokes the efficiency of different body systems. It results into prolonged ailments which are difficult to be relieved even after best treatments.

Complete body alignment helps in improving the working of all the glands of the body. It helps in opening the different blockages in the body so that the body energy re-energises the slowing systems of the body. It may take couple of ‘45-minutes sessions’ for the revival of different systems.

Regular sessions with the energy healer may bring relief in case of different gastric problems, depression, anxiety, constipation, restlessness, sinus, migraine, temperament, Reproduction problems in ladies, etc.

Dr Sudhir Gupta specialises in “Energy healing”. He practices in New York, USA. He can be contacted at sudhirgupta100@yahoo.com

Courtesy: http://fitnessnectar.com/blog/index.php/2013/05/21/energy_healing_adds_life_to_your_fatigue


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  1. trivedisciencet
    May 29, 2013 @ 12:39:19

    Do you know about Mahendra Trivedi?
    They Has a unique ability to transmit an unknown energy through thoughts.


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