Top 10 Mujra Girls Of Bollywood

The grace of a peacock, the beauty of a rose and the voice of a nightingale – the Lacknavi salon culture asked a lot of the courtesans.

Top 10 Mujra Girls Of Bollywood
Madhuri Dixit is among the top actress-dancers of Bollywood in recent times. She played a courtesan as Chandramukhi in the 2002 ‘Devdas’ remake. Her performance in the song ‘Maar Dala’ became hugely popular that year. And she will be seen in a similar avatar for the song ‘Apne Karar Mein’ in the upcoming ‘Dedh Ishqiya’.

Top 10 Mujra Girls Of Bollywood
The original Chandramukhi in the 1955 ‘Devdas’, Vyjayanthimala was an accomplished Bharatnatyam dancer to begin with. Hence, her performance in ‘Ab Aage Teri Marzi’ did not come as a tough task – and she looked like she knew her moves alright.

Top 10 Mujra Girls Of Bollywood
One of the most beautiful actresses of yesteryears, Madhubala dazzled as Anarkali in the period epic movie ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ – and ‘Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya’ has become the stuff of pop culture. She was not a trained dancer like most of her contemporaries, but she pulled off the hit Mujra number with élan.

Top 10 Mujra Girls Of Bollywood
Rekha is another yesteryear Mujra queen who can give any present-day actress a run for her money. She was scintillating in ‘Umrao Jaan’ (1981) – her most memorable Mujra performances being ‘In Aakhon Ki Masti’ and ‘Dil Cheez Kya Hai’. Another jewel of hers is ‘Salaam-e-Ishq’ from ‘Muqaddar Ka Sikandar’.

Top 10 Mujra Girls Of Bollywood
The original Mujra queen, Meena Kumari swayed the audiences with her dances in ‘Chalte Chalte’, ‘Inhi Logon Ne’ and ‘Thare Rahiyo’ – all from the classic hit ‘Pakeezah’. One of Meena Kumari’s last films, she received a posthumous Filmfare nomination for her beautiful portrayal of a tragic courtesan.

Top 10 Mujra Girls Of Bollywood
Aishwarya Rai comes off a poor second next to Rekha in the ‘Umrao Jaan’ remake, but she too is quite good as a tragic ‘tawaif’. ‘Salaam’ was a beautiful number that Aishwarya will best be remembered for from the movie. Besides, her performance in the song from ‘Bunty Aur Babli’ – ‘Kajra Re’, a quite upbeat twist to the classic Mujra, went through the roof when it was released.

Top 10 Mujra Girls Of Bollywood
Remember this Bong beauty in ‘Mangal Pandey: The Rising’ She played a prostitute who falls in love with the protagonist. The Mujra of that film was called ‘Main Vari Vari’. Rani looked resplendent in her pink and gold regalia as the chief courtesan – and made the most of her small role in the movie.

Top 10 Mujra Girls Of Bollywood
Sushmita Sen had a small role in ‘Kisna: The Warrior Poet’ (2005) – and as the courtesan Naima Begum, danced to the much forgettable number ‘Chilman Uthegi Nahi’. Although she looked beautiful and danced gracefully, the performance was a marker of how the subtleties of the dance form is now near to being lost in Bollywood.

Top 10 Mujra Girls Of Bollywood
Enter: the age of modern mujras – and the churidars are replaced with shararas. Kareena Kapoor brought in this change with ‘Dil Mera Muft Ka’ in ‘Agent Vinod’ (2012). The beats sound nothing like those of the languid sarods and upbeat tablas of the original mujras. But, Kareena is Kareena – and like everything else she does, she pulled it off like a star.

One of Bollywood’s dark horses, Mahie looked like a million dollars in ‘Ranaji’ from the movie ‘Gulaal’ (2009). It is not technically a Mujra in the purest form, as it has a lot of socio-political overtones – unlike the former, which deals with more romantic themes. But you have to hand it to Mahie; she rocked the song – politics and all.


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