Health Benefits Of Deep Breathing

We are so engaged in our hectic and busy lifestyle that we seldom get time to think about our own self. At the end of the day, we all want to relax ourselves and have a peaceful slumber. Moreover, we need to protect our health from dangerous hazards like stress, depression, blood pressure and heart diseases. With such a hectic lifestyle, we are bound to practice some deep breathing exercises in order to maintain work-life balance. Deep breathing is one of the most relaxing and refreshing yoga. The method to practice deep breathing is also simple. All you need is to sit in a relaxed position and then deep breathe as if meditating. The deep breathing exercise offers various health benefits. It relaxes & refreshes your mind, boosts immune system and keeps you active all day long. Take a look at few health benefits of deep breathing. Health benefits of deep breathing:

Detoxes the body: Deep breathing serves as a natural detox. It flushes out toxins from the body and helps get rid of free radicals in the body. According to researchers, more than 80 percent of toxins are flushed out due to deep breathing.

Fights ageing: Deep breathing is not just good for your health but also for the skin. It removes fine lines that form on your face and make you look aged.

Relieves stress: This is one of the well-known health benefits of deep breathing. It relieves stress and depression, one of the main causes of ill health.

Anger management Are you short tempered? Control your raging anger by practicing deep breathing. This exercise helps get patience and self-control.

Aids digestion If you suffer from indigestion and stomach pain, try deep breathing. This exercise is a natural cure for stomach problems including indigestion.

Relieves back pain Most of us do not follow a right sitting posture. This leads to back pain and dealing with it is really difficult. Every day you cannot spray pain healers. So, try deep breathing exercise.

Improves your posture A majority of us do not sit in the right posture. A proper breathing exercise ensures that your body posture is correct. Doing this exercise with a wrong posture will not give good results.

Controls blood pressure If you suffer from high blood pressure and pulse rate, bring it to normal by trying this exercise. Deep breathing has shown numerous health benefits in controling blood pressure.

Heart healthy When you inhale and exhale deeply, you take in lots of oxygen and throw out carbon dioxide. This oxygen increases blood circulation in the lungs and heart thus improving their functions.

Boosts stamina : If you are feeling lethargic, do the deep breathing exercise regularly. You will feel relaxed and energetic again!



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