Eros International for mocking him in Om Shanti Om, seeks Rs.100 crore for damages

Manoj Kumar (Left); Shah Rukh Khan

Veteran actor Manoj Kumar on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against superstar Shah Rukh Khan and the producer of 2007 hit Om Shanti Om – Eros International – seeking damages of Rs.100 crore for releasing the film in Japan without removing certain scenes apparently lampooning him.

The case was filed at an Andheri court by Kumar’s lawyer.

Talking about the case, the lawyer said that Kumar’s verification statement was recorded by the court and an order was expected on April 6. He said SRK’s e-mail tendering apology for a scene mocking Kumar in the film was produced as evidence.

The lawyer said that Kumar would produce a CD as evidence which has the clipping of the mockery scene being played at Japan release of Om Shanti Om on the next date. He said the veteran actor has been highly upset and is shocked by SRK’s action.

“He promised Manoj Kumar earlier but repeated this mistake again in Japan… No personal apology was given by SRK… He is not in a mood for any settlement,” Kumar’s lawyer said.

Earlier Kumar had said, “The film was released in Japan without deleting those scenes. I had forgiven them twice but not this time. They have disrespected me. They also face contempt of court as in 2008 the court had asked them to forever and from all prints and broadcast material, delete those scenes.”


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