Aamir Khan turns woman for an advertisement

Aamir Khan

If you are a fan of Aamir Khan and have watched all his movies, then you can’t forget Aamir’s famous cabaret song as a woman in 1995 film Baazi.

Mr Perfectionist as he is, Aamir waxed his body for a woman’s look and for eight days that the song was being shot, he’d sit in the make-up chair for five hours every morning, having greasepaint slapped over his face.

A still from Aamir Khan’s film Baazi

But that was not his only role as a woman, the actor is no stranger to dressing up as a lady. He has done its for two advertisements as well. Now, he is doing it yet again for another commercial .

According to a report in a leading daily, Aamir is playing himself in the ad, researching the role of a woman. He dresses as a woman and visits his neighbour’s house for his research.

Still from Aamir Khan’s Coca-Cola comercial

Aamir, who was shooting for PK in Jaipur recently, reportedly called make-up artist Mickey Contractor for a trial.

Mickey Contractor has been responsible for Aamir’s transformation as a woman all four times.

Aamir Khan in double role in Tata Sky commercial

“We realised the wig wasn’t working, and we wanted a few other changes as well after that test. So we came back and worked on it. On the day of the shoot, everything came together. Aamir was a bit irritated with the wig and the net that we stuck to the side. He had to shave at least twice a day, wear stockings, a bra and a woman’s costume,” the daily quoted Contractor as saying.

Apparently it took two-and-a-half hours to get the actor ready for the shot.


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