5 Hottest Businesswomen In India

Once in a while when the stars are aligned, the glitz and glamour world does seem to clash with the corporate world to give us these beautiful gems who do their rightful bidding. Let’s have a look at the hottest businesswomen in India who’re setting the Bizworld on fire!

Title #20
Ayesha Thapar
Ayesha Thapar, the heir to Indian City Properties Ltd. (ICPL), a family business of premium properties all across the nation prompted this model.in-denial to move from showbiz to entrepreneurship and spearhead the business forward! A Delhi-based entrepreneur herself, she has started Nimaya, an NGO to fund women entrepreneurs. We can humbly quote her when she says “I prefer using my brains to my looks,” and rightfully so for she has a graduate degree in economics, from Wellesley College, Boston with a major in mathematics and a minor degree in painting!

Title #21
Kalyani Chawla
The face of Dior in India, Kalyani is the page 3 starlet of Delhi. After a string of high-profile relationships, and a marriage with Vishal Chawla which ended in a divorce, she started off an accessory manufacturing unit and has been catering to international clients ever since. Currently stationed as the Brand Ambassador and the Vice President of Dior, Chawla is a fashionista in its truest form leading an international brand and handling it with thorough efficiency.

Title #22
Gayatri Reddy
Daughter of T. Venkattaram Reddy, the owner of Deccan Chronicle, Gayatri is the being responsible for running Deccan Chargers, a winning team at theIPL. She owns the team, and does so effortlessly like a professional. Oh, and she also looks the part! Her suave and calm nature exhibited on the field definitely tends to work its wonders over the team, and it clearly shows!

Title #23
Sonia Garware
This Bombayiite is a newly emerging hot-honcho in the scene. The Garware name-tag speaks a lot in itself. Sonia was recently appointed as the Joint Managing Director of Garware Polyesters, a multi-million dollar company, and a family business! She made waves in the social multi-million party circuit with her sharp and polished looks, and her recent spat with Ramona Narang at a social do as well.

Title #23
Ramona Narang Rodella
Ramona Narang has been in the Indian social circuit for a while. Known for her recently launched clothing line named “Bella” after her daughter, she is known to cater the Bollywood biggies with her uber-exclusive apparels and accessories. Married to an Italian businessman, and mother of twins, she surely knows how to play her cards right and win the hand at ease!

Courtesy: http://www.mensxp.com


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