Travel Postcard: Buenos Aires

Not quite Latin America, not quite Europe, Buenos Aires is a delightful blend of old and new. Heavy on nostalgia yet youthful and dynamic, there is rarely a dull moment in the city known as the Paris of the South.

Argentina’s grass-fed beef is as good as it’s supposed to be, especially when washed down with the country’s famed Malbec wine. And while dancing the tango might not be for everyone, it’s worth getting a feel for the sounds and steps that give Buenos Aires its soul.

The city also boasts fashionable nightclubs, a revamped dock area flush with luxurious skyscrapers, fusion cuisine and an extensive network of cycle paths for a bit of two-wheeled sightseeing.

Political passions and the country’s turbulent economic past are never far away in Buenos Aires. Don’t be alarmed by frequent street protests or dozens of illegal money changers offering to swap dollars and euros at a favorable, black-market rate in the city’s main shopping street, Florida.

Reuters correspondents with local knowledge help visitors get the most out of a short stay in Argentina’s capital.

General view of the Babel Book Tower, a work of art made by the Argentina pop artist Marta Minujin at Plaza San Martin in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Over 30,000 books in different languages were used to build this 25-metre-tall tower, which was dismantled after display.

The famous cemetery La Recoleta in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Some formerPresidents, sport athletes, scientists and actors are buried here.

A market hall with hats in Buenos Aires, Argentina

A couple dance to tango music. Tango was born in the suburbs of Buenos Aires

Port on the Rio del Platta

A view of the city from Hotel Sofitel in the Retiro area of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina

The obelisk was built in May 1936 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the first founding of the city. It is a modern monument placed at the heart of Buenos Aires.

Recoletta Park in Buenos Aires

The Presidential Palace, the Casa Rosada, at Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires

Skyline in the afternoon at Puerto Madero and Opera Bay at RioDe la Plata in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Another view of the famous cemetery La Recoleta in Buenos Aires



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