Women we’d love to date

When it comes to beauty, there are no boundaries. The list of beautiful women is endless-from film stars to sports stars to singers. If you had a choice of dating some of them, who would they be? We’ve drawn up a list of 10 women guys would do anything to date.

valentine women
Monica Bellucci — Men can’t seem to get enough of her and women can’t stop gawking at her. This Italian model- turn- actor has been rated one of the most beautiful women in the world, with obviously translates to hordes of men wanting to date her.

valentine women
Salma Hayek — Giving competition to Bellucci is Mexican seductress Salma Hayek. She’s been scorching the silver screen for over 20 years, making her one of the recognized Mexicans in the world. In the recent past, she’s earned accolades for her acting in ‘Frida’.

valentine women
Angelina Jolie — This bombshell needs no introduction. People around the world know her through her award-winning films, or very possibly, through one of the many charities that she supports. The ‘Tomb Raider’ actor’s personal life is under as much under scrutiny as her professional life.

valentine women
Michelle Yeoh — Michelle is Asia’s gift to the world of cinema. Although she was a well-known actress in the Asian market, the world took notice of her in the James Bond flick ‘Tomorrow never dies’, followed by her breathtaking stunts in ‘Crouching tiger, hidden dragon’

valentine women
Beyonce Knowles — There isn’t much to say about this powerhouse of talent that people don’t already know. Considered one of the most beautiful women, she’s also a multi Grammy-winning singer with an equally successful husband besotted with her. Beyonce’s is truly a fairy tale life.

valentine women
Ana Ivanovic — This pro tennis player has quietly but surely made her way into the hearts of millions of men off the court as well. Standing very tall at 6’1, this 23-yr-old Serbian beauty can give even the most famous models a run for their money.

valentine women
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie — Chimamanda is one of the upcoming writers of Nigeria. She’s written 2 novels and a collection of short stories, all to great acclaim. Here’s a beauty that draws attention not to herself but to her country and its history through her books.

valentine women
Oprah Winfrey — This is one woman who’s turned her luck around through sheer dint of hard work and belief in herself. She has climbed her way to the top and never looked back. After a successful 2 decade run on TV, she still commands ratings, viewership and complete adoration from her audience and fans, as also her producers. She’s daytime TV’s original queen and while the world may see many a new talk show, one thing’s for sure – there’ll never be another Oprah.

valentine women
Priyanka Gandhi Vadra — This Gandhi has captured a million hearts with her shy dimples. Many felt that if she came into politics, she’d be as successful as her grandmother. But she’s brushed those speculations aside, saying she’d rather work for the people outside of politics, winning millions of hearts in the process.

valentine women
Kareena Kapoor — From the Bollywood fraternity, it’s Kareena Kapoor all the way. Here’s an actress who’s evolved with every film she’s acted in. She’s one of the few Bollywood actresses who know how to dress well! A true diva, who along with beau Saif, makes up Saifeena, the Brangelina of Bollywood.

Courtesy: http://in.lifestyle.yahoo.com


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