India’s Most Wanted

Most downloaded celebs
Katrina Kaif is this year’s reigning queen as far as downloads on mobile phones of images of an actress are concerned. It is the fourth consecutive year that the “Chikni chameli” star has topped the category.

Most downloaded celebs
Katrina is followed by the mesmerising Kareena Kapoor.

Most downloaded celebs
Priyanka Chopra finished third.

Most downloaded celebs
Bikini babe Anushka Sharma finished fourth.

Most downloaded celebs
Oomph queen Vidya Balan had to satisfy with the fifth place.

Most downloaded celebs
Katrina’s “Chikni chameli” number from “Agneepath” was the most downloaded song of the year.

Most downloaded celebs

Among men, Shah Rukh Khan led in the category of Bollywood actors’ wallpaper downloads.

Most downloaded celebs
Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor featured in the top five.

Most downloaded celebs
Its findings indicate that India recorded over 75 million wallpapers (with 300 per cent growth) and 150 million plus music downloads in 2012.

In the Hollywood segment, Kim Kardashian led in the category of images downloaded and also featured in the top five Hollywood celebrities.



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