Ranbir proved me wrong, says papa Rishi

This child has grown up, and whoever aspires to be in his shoes should take a cue from the varied roles he has essayed so far. And finally, papa Rishi Kapoor has acknowledged that. He should not have agonised over the future of the Kapoor lad, for whom acting comes easy.

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Having done a remarkable number of films, with characters as varied as a loverboy, a politician, a salesman or a rockstar, Ranbir has shown the newcomers what it takes to be a real superstar.

His father Rishi Kapoor says Ranbir proved him wrong by going the unconventional way. Now that he has proved himself, the father and the son are getting ready for a world tour next year. “I was worried but he proved me wrong,” says the yesteryear star, whose filmography boasts of Laila Maznu, Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahi, Amar Akbar Anthony, Karz and Coolie to name a few.

Having proved himself, it now looks only a matter of time before the No.1 chair belongs to Ranbir only.


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