Interesting photos from Thailand
This is a typical Thai Wat, which means monastery or temple. The essential element in Wat architecture is Chofah, a decorative ornament that adorns the top at the end of Wat and palaces roof. It resembles a tall thin bird and looks hornlike. The chofah is generally believed to represent the mythical creature Garuda, half bird and half man, who is the vehicle of the Hindu god Vishnu.

You see a lot of two wheelers with sidecars attached to it. Seen mostly on the Thai countryside, These sidecars are essentially poor man’s pick-up truck. They use it for anything from ferrying around tourists to selling ice-creams. However, they are most commonly used as mobile tuck shops.

Buses in Thailand are double deckers, painted in bright colours.

In Thailand, two out of three cars are mini trucks. Thailand has become the world’s second largest market for the one-ton pickup truck behind the United States.

Quintessential Thai lunch at Surat Thani.

Traveling along the Thai countryside, you will find many roadside shops selling colourful stupas.

Thai police are well-sculpted men wearing smart, tight uniforms and doing the rounds in BMW 5 Series.

Indian auto rickshaw’s Thai counterpart is called Tuk-Tuk.

In Bangkok, taxis are painted in florescent pinks, yellows and blues.

A typical Thai house.



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