Lip Smacking Indian Food

Forget about those extra calories and dig into some scrumptious Indian food – from traditional Indian thalis to spicy kababs and melt-in-your mouth seafood.

Dig into authentic biryan …
You’ve probably tasted it many times, but never quite like this. Every region in India has its own version of the famous Biryani. Dig into some sinful soul food.

Indian meal on a banana l …
Banana leaves are known to add flavour to any food item served on them. Its aesthetic looking and environmentally friendly as well. Banana meal spreads are very common in South India.

Delicious Indian food
Dig into some delicious Indian food. Here is a kadai of chicken curry made thick and tangy with tomato puree and tempered with fiery red chillies.

Non-vegetarian thali
Dig into some non-vegetarian fare with oodles of soft rice to sponge all the goodness of Indian non-vegetarian gravies.

Lip-smacking gravy
Lip-smacking gravy with paranthas accompanied with a refreshing plate of salad and lime. This is typical North Indian fare.

Spicy kebabs
Spicy kebabs seasoned with red chilly powder and coriander seeds to add that extra bit of zing.

Melt-in-your mouth seafoo …
Melt-in-your mouth succulent seafood

Subtle flavours
Here is seafood with a western twist. Incorporating some Indian flavours but heavily influenced by a western palate.

Plate full of robust flav …
Plate full of robust flavours



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