Twitter abuzz with tweets from Shah Rukh Khan’s fans over lip-lock with Katrina in JTHJ

Shah Rukh Khan locks lips for the first time on screen with Katrina

When superstar Shah Rukh Khan was once asked why he avoids intimate scenes on the big screen, he was quick to reply: “Before signing a film, I only have two conditions. No on-screen kissing and no horse-riding.”

Well, the first condition seems to have disappeared from the actor’s rule book after the release of his latest biggie, Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

The quintessential lover boy of Bollywood, who has possibly romanced all the successful women in showbiz such as Madhuri Dixit, Kajol, Karisma Kapoor, Juhi Chawla and Priyanka Chopra, has finally broken his no-kiss rule with the Yash Chopra film.

For the first time ever, King Khan has locked lips with his stunning co-star Katrina Kaif, not once but a number of times in Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

While a section of the audience has hailed SRK’s change of stance, others have found it awkward to see the superstar and Kat making love because of their huge age gap. Some of the SRK fans, who worshipped the actor’s refrained style of romance, have been left shocked.

Microblogging site Twitter has been abuzz with tweets from the superstar’s fans, and the reaction has been a mixed one.

The late Yash Chopra has tried to give his movie a modern twist. Keeping the traditional essence alive, he has still managed to present his version of contemporary romance.

With SRK choosing Katrina for his first on-screen kiss, we wonder what his bête noire Salman Khan had to say, who has been Kat’s real-life lover.

Here are some of the reactions to the Shah Rukh Khan-Katrina kiss in JTHJ:

@yasmeenhussain7: @iamsrk I am little angry with u cause u kiss kat in #jthj 😦

@jagibaby: After 22 yrs it is #Yashji for whom #SRK does kiss onscreen!That´s what I call power, trust + unconditional love!!..MashaAllah!#JTHJ

@iam_psk : Loved the tribute to Yashji during the end credits…You always will be remembered for making #SRK kiss onscreen too… #JTHJ

@NATASHA_M_91: Felt sorry for Katrina Kaif having to kiss Shah Rukh Khan in “Jaab Taak Hai Jaan” ewwwww.

@vk37392: Everybody criticizing #srk for the kiss in #jthj .Let the girls have their moment. Why should #boys have all the fun.

@suru_srk: @sarajoseph_ yeah me too. I was shocked when i saw first kissing seen! But enjoyed later two kiss. #jthj #epicmovie like #veerzara

@yasmeenhussain7: @iamsrk I love u more than my life more than my parents more than anything but when I see #jthj it’s awesome movie, but kiss no

@M0ckstar: #JTHJ – Element of surprise – Yashji made SRK kiss on-screen. The kissing scenes between SRK & Katrina will give you chills down the spine.

@yeahrohit: Oh !F! 2 kiss in 1st half @iamsrk has finally broken his no-kissing rule in #jthj!! Ovrall going to be better..

@Dabangg_girl : This is disgusting!! srk &katrina KISS in JTHJ! YUCKKKKK!!

@jagibaby: But, gotta say abt. that tube station kiss I just saw – SRK must be a good kisser…even their kisses quite smooth + gentle…I love!!


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