The doppelgangers: Celebrity mother-daughter duos

Amrita Singh & Sara Ali Khan and Sridevi & Jhanvi

It’s two of a kind, especially in the case of these celebrity mother-daughter duos. The double act extends to more than just their good looks. From the way they style their clothes, wear their hair to the way they walk and talk, these young fledglings emulate their mother’s air, gait and confidence to the T.

Sridevi and Jhanvi

Most people pale in front of Sridevi’s timeless beauty and charm, but Jhanvi holds her own when in the company of her mum.

She is always by her mother’s side and the statuesque young teenager more than successfully imitates her mother from her wardrobe to her long black mane.

Sridevi hopes her daughter doesn’t become an actress but Jhanvi in her short dresses and fashionable stilettos is a fashionista in the making.

Soni Razdan & Alia Bhatt

Alia, who recently made her debut in Bollywood with Student Of The Year, has inherited mother Soni’s talented genes and innocent beauty.

The pretty prodigy, however, has a young and feminine flair for fashion.

Unlike her mother who has always kept her style classic, Alia experiments with prom dresses, skinny denims and short numbers.

Madonna & Lourdes

The only thing that separates Madonna and her 16-year-old daughter Lourdes is that while the mother is a blonde, the daughter is a brunette.

Barring that, Lourdes shares her mother’s glamourous style and sexy confidence. The two even shares their wardrobes and run a fashion house together.

Lourdes often sports her mother’s raunchy stage outfits and posts her pictures on Twitter.

Amrita Singh & Sara Ali Khan

The strong resemblance between Amrita and her daughter Sara is unmistakable.

Sara’s soft curls and striking features are very much like her mother’s.

Though Amrita exudes assertion and self assurance, it will be a while before daughter Sara gets used to the limelight and sheds her shy demeanour.

Demi Moore & Rumer Willis

Demi and daughter Rumer could be mistaken for sisters.

The pair shares their elegant and understated sense of fashion and ostensible poise.

However, Rumer has taken after her father in many ways and here’s hoping that in the future she shares her mother’s ageless beauty.


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