Cheapest countries to visit

Traveling abroad can be expensive. Especially in these tough economic times. But everybody needs to take some time off and take it easy. We help make that decision easier by giving you the list of the cheapest countries to visit. Sure, Argentina is not cheap, but compared to other countries its value for money.

Long known for its exotic beaches and full moon parties, Thailand continues to attract travelers because of its enormous tropical paradise appeal. Backpackers have been thronging Thailand for almost four decades and this is not about to stop anytime soon.

Crave tropical rainforests, beautiful beaches, snorkeling, diving and awesome street food? Malaysia is your answer. Visit Kuala Lumpur, Sipadan, Kota Kinabalu, Langkawi and Kuching for a variety of activities to suit your every whim and fancy.

Budget friendly with an unmatched culture makes this football crazy nation a must visit destination. Boogey the night away doing the tango, and eat affordable steak and red wine dinners at the numerous restaurants dotting the capital city Buenos Aires.

Beaches, bikinis, samba and football. Need we say more?

Costa Rica
Costa Rica: The name of this Central American country translates to ‘Rich Coast’ in Spanish. A country that rates high on the HDI and also prides itself on being clean and green, this Latin American country is an economic miracle. Comprising of volcanoes, tropical beaches, beautiful islands and a rich variety of flora and fauna Costa Rica is very popular with eco-tourists.

The bombing at Bali may have made Indonesia a less safer destination, but on the flip side, it has also become cheaper. To visit some of the best beaches in the world, lounge about in Bali.

Holidaying in the capital Istanbul is increasingly become more expensive, but the rest of the country can be relatively cheap. Alcati, Konya and Sinop are all cities that need as much attention as the magnificent city of Istanbul.

Marrakech, Tangier and Fes are all exotic locales to visit. The shopping is great and so are the prices. And where else can you explore the Sahara, the beautiful beaches and trek the Atlas mountains.

Explore the countryside, hop around the vast coastline, visit cathedrals and cruise to the numerous coves in Portugal. Given that its one of the cheapest eurozone countries Portugal is a real bargain.

Every rupee spent will go a long way here. Food, accommodation and transportation won’t pinch your purse too much, and the sights and sounds will be worth every penny spent.



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