What’s with Bollywood divas and married men?

From Hema Malini to Kalki Koechlin here’s a look at all the celebs who got married to men who were already married once before.

What's with Bollywood divas …
Saif and Kareena are man and wife. This is Saif’s second marriage which makes Kareena a member in this list.

What's with Bollywood …
Hema Malini was The Dream Girl. She had the grace, the charm, the poise and fans both in and outside the industry. But, she fell in love with Dharmendra during the shooting of their iconic movie Sholay. A whirl wind love affair ended with a secret wedding. Why? Dharmendra was already married to Prakash Kaur. He was so in love with Hema Malini that he converted to Islam so that he could have both the women in his life.

What's with Bollywood …
When Sarika announced that she was pregnant with Kamal’s child, it drew stares. Kamal was married to Vani Ganapathi those days. After this announcement, Vani was out, and Sarika came in. The couple had two girls together before Sarika walked out on Kamal

What's with Bollywood …
Kiran Rao met and became close with Aamir Khan on the sets of Lagaan. Kiran was one of the assistants working on the flick. Aamir was

What's with Bollywood …
Shilpa Shetty was blamed for breaking up ‘their perfect family’ by Raj’s first wife Kavita. Shilpa has time and again denied the allegation

What's with Bollywood …
Shabana was someone who never shied away from talking her heart. When she met Javed Akhtar, they found that they had much in common. They fell in love, hard. That Javed was married with two kids did not deter them.

What's with Bollywood …
When Mona and Boney offered Sridevi a temporary residence at their home, little did they know of what would happen next. It was like a movie script – somewhere along the line cupid struck. Boney was head over heels in love with Sri. His family was irked, they refused to accept Sri as their bahu. The duo had a quiet wedding, and now has two kids.

What's with Bollywood …
Anurag was married to Arati Bajaj, who edited Gulaal and Dev D. Along came Kalki, and the romance bloomed. Anurag got a divorce from Arati and had a quiet wedding with Kalki.

What's with Bollywood …
Her relationships with her co stars made the headlines, but she gave up acting after her marriage to Dr Chamanlal Bali, who was Raj Kapoor’s personal physicians. We are not telling you how the couple met, but she waited patiently for the good doctor’s divorce to come through before getting married to him.

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