A political party is a foolish project: Jethmalani’s open letter to Anna

Veteran lawyer and BJP MP Ram Jethmalani on Thursday expressed concern over veteran anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare’s estranged associate Arvind Kejriwal’s plan to float a political party calling it a “foolish project”.

In an open letter to the septuagenarian Gandhian and his aides, Jethmalani said: “I have learnt with great disappointment, almost consternation, that some of your colleagues want to start a new political party. I mean no disrespect to anyone but this is a foolish project almost certain to perpetuate corruption and the regime of the corrupt rulers. I almost suspect this move has been instigated by these whom you want to displace and destroy.”

“You are aware that I and some colleagues of mine are fighting in the Supreme Court for identifying and punishing the dacoits who have stolen our national wealth. We have had some success but your work is much more important. Your great achievement is that the people at large have understood the cause of their malady and are determined to bring the criminals to book,” Jethmalani writes praising Hazare’s efforts.

He made three suggestions to Hazare to make the fight against corruption stronger asking the civil society to concentrate on the issue of corruption, identify candidates of opposition parties who do not have a clean image and use pressure on their parties to withdraw them as candidates and not to succumb to the attraction of minority vote banks.

“Firstly concentrate on the single issue of corruption and intensify the determination of the people to seek their salvation from the practitioners of corruption as soon as possible. This awareness should be generated in every citizen young or old. A new political party cannot have a one point manifesto. People would like to know its views on other issues affecting every section of the electorate. You will only create confusion and invite ridicule,” Jethmalani writes.

“Secondly you must identify candidates of opposition parties who do not have a spotlessly clean image for integrity and selfless service of the nation. Use all your pressure on the leaders of those parties to withdraw candidates of questionable credentials. If they do not, fight against them.”

“Thirdly do not succumb to the attraction of Minority Vote Banks. Tell the minorities that you will support only those parties who will honestly support the recommendations of the Sachar Report. That report does honestly point out the pitiable condition of the minorities. But do tell them clearly who created those conditions,” the open letter adds.

Jethmalani insisted that the “minorities would grow and flourish only by a relationship of love, friendship and total confidence with the majority” and assured Hazare of his “cooperation and assistance at all limits”.


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