Monsoon Magic – A railway trek to Dudhsagar Falls

The monsoon is slowly building to a peak, and this is the time to explore the magnificent Dudhsagar Falls on the Goa-Karnataka border. Three railfanners took, quite literally, the railroad less travelled to explore this route. For those unfamiliar with railfanners, they are to trains and railways what birdwatchers are to birds. They are enchanted with the minutest details of the railway — from locomotives, stations and carriages to rakes, signals, cabooses… you name it.
All pictures are the exclusive copyright of the photographers and are reproduced here with their kind permission and that of the Indian Railways Fan Club

Dudhsagar Railway Trek
Flags flying, horns blaring, the Howrah-bound Amaravati Express charges down the gradient somewhere between Alnavar and Londa railway junctions.

Dudhsagar Railway Trek
Welcome to Braganza, the sign announces the beginning of the trek. A yellow-cream WDG-4 #12010 loco works hard as it completes the hard climb up the Ghats. The Braganza Ghats section, on the Castle Rock-Kulem section of the South Western Railways, has gradients that necessitate the usage of locomotives with Auto Emergency Brakes.

Dudhsagar Railway Trek
The forest above the tunnel!

Dudhsagar Railway Trek
A small waterfall near the mouth of Tunnel-3, Braganza Ghats.

Dudhsagar Railway Trek
The sound made by these beasts (lead locos) was deafening.

Dudhsagar Railway Trek
The Vasco Express escapes from a tunnel and negotiates a small viaduct as it continues down the Ghats.

Dudhsagar Railway Trek
A mid-ghat crossing between two trains.

Dudhsagar Railway Trek
The leading locos of Vasco Express are seen across the valley as they pull slowly into Sonalium.

Dudhsagar Railway Trek
One of the many spectacular glimpses you would get to see here.

Dudhsagar Railway Trek
Monsoon turns the Dudhsagar Falls into a foaming, majestic torrent justifying its name, which literally means Ocean of Milk.

The Mandovi River, one of Goa’s major lifelines, originates in the wet upper reaches of the Western Ghats in eastern Goa, on the border with Karnataka. At Dudhsagar, the Mandovi plunges down 310 metres (about 1017 feet), and claims distinction as India’s fifth highest waterfall.

Dudhsagar Railway Trek
Through veils of misty rain, a rake hauled by twin locomotives equipped with Auto Emergency Brakes carefully negotiates the viaduct across the Dudhsagar Falls.

Tunnels and waterfalls – a monsoon spectacle.

Dudhsagar Railway Trek
At Caranzol, the visibility was as bad as it was couple of days earlier.

A monsoon portrait of the Dudhsagar falls on a cloudy day with less mist.

Dudhsagar Railway Trek
At the end of three days of fun, bliss, adventure, surprises and thrills, the railfanning trekkers carry off plenty of pleasant memories.

Dudhsagar Railway Trek
A memory to leave you with — the Dudhsagar Falls in all its spectacular glory.



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