I don’t talk too much, I let my work do the talking, says Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn

As superstar Ajay Devgn walked out on stage at India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit 2012, the young crowd erupted in thunderous applause. The action hero was cheered on by the audience even as Koel Purie Rinchet, executive producer, TV Today Network, took the session forward in a candid chat about his career, his marriage to an equally successful filmstar and his future plans.

One of Bollywood’s most versatile actors, Devgn tasted success at just 22, when he acted in Phool Aur Kaante. “I was a reluctant newcomer, ” said Devgn,” adding, “I had no method as an actor when I started off.” Born into a film family, he said that he had never seen another life and always wanted to be in films. “I always thought I’d direct films one day. I used to make video films when I was cast in my first movie. I had not expected it all,” he confessed.

Devgn’s characteristic intensity, and his dark, brooding demeanour took a back seat when interacting with the young crowd at the Youth Summit. Even though he began his career a few decades ago, the current generation seemed to have followed his Bollywood trajectory closely, even as suggestions for what his favourite dialogue could be flew thick and fast. Devgn finally obliged the audience with a line from his latest hit Bol Bachchan: When elders get cosy, youngers don’t do nosy. Despite his success as a comic hero, Devgn apologised for his role in Rascals. “I never usually do films like these. I will only act in family entertainers from now on,” he said.

When asked about his marriage to fellow actor Kajol, Devgn revealed that the secret behind their happiness was that he never brought work home. “Kajol and I have an understanding. When we’re home, we focus only on our children Nysa and Yug. I’d like to think I’m an involved father,” he added. Their romance was effortless, he told Rinchet and the audience, and that his marriage worked because he shared the same moral values with his wife. On being asked why he never broke his silence, Devgn said, “There are two types of heroes. One that shout and scream to get attention. The other kind don’t. I was never a conventionally good looking actor but I let my work speak for itself. I don’t need to speak when I have nothing to say.”

Rinchet then went on to ask him how he dealt with Kajol, who is known to be extremely talkative, to which an unusually candid Devgn replied, “Kajol talks, I just listen.”

The crowd, amidst questions about Kajol’s pairing with Shah Rukh Khan and his career, also asked Devgn to show off his new tattoo. Devgn obliged willingly, baring his chest to show off a Shiva tattoo with his daughter’s name imprinted under it. “I need to get another one done for my son, ” he said, even as the audience roared in approval. Devgn said he was certain that the film industry would do very well in the next 15 years, and business of cinema would grow.

On being asked about his success as an actor in an industry that seldom gives talent a real chance, Devgn said that even though destiny played a role in his career, 70 per cent was a result of his hard work. “Destiny can only show you the path, but you have to walk on it to get to where you want,” he signed off.

Courtesy: http://indiatoday.intoday.in


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