Kareena is now the world’s sexiest woman

Kareena Kapoor

Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor has been voted the Sexiest Woman in the World, just a year after she was named the sexiest woman in Asia.

According to a survey by men’s magazine Maxim, the Bollywood actor is the hottest girl in the world. Reacting to the news, an ecstatic Kareena said, “It is always wonderful to feel sexy and hot. And when it comes from Maxim, which truly recognises hotness in a woman, then it is even better.

“Hotness is about how a woman carries herself. It is not just about a thin waist and long legs. It is about the entire package. I am glad that you guys find me hot and I definitely take it as a big compliment.”

Last year, too, Kareena was voted Asia’s sexiest woman according to a survey. Eastern Eye, a weekly, had conducted the through social networking sites like Twitter, and she beat the previous year’s winner, Katrina Kaif, to bag the top spot.

Her much-hyped film Heroine is due for release on her birthday on September 21. We wish the beauty huge success for her film!


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