Even at 40 fitness freak Robert Vadra looks ripped, supertoned with the six-pack abs, gives competition to Salman, Hrithik

Robert Vadra

There’s never a day off at the gym in the life of fitness freak Robert Vadra.

Even as Rahul Gandhi’s status as the PM in waiting remains unpredictable, there’s one thing that stays constant in the Gandhi family, son-in-law Robert Vadra’s fitness routine. Just like the Salman’s and Hrithik’s of Bollywood, the flamboyant businessman loves to flaunt his body too every now and then. But then why not? Even at 40; he looks ripped and supertoned with the six-pack abs and muscular biceps all in check.

Spotted many times jogging at the lush Lodi Garden or cycling around Lutyens’ Delhi, the fitness enthusiast likes to break his exercise sessions into outdoor and indoor exercises. Vadra’s fitness regime can be defined as intense and something that requires a lot of hard work and dedication. “I start my morning with a solid cardio session of 45 minutes with a powerful workout at the gym in the evening that mainly includes weight training, abs and stretching,” says Vadra. He adds, “I eat in a balanced way and stay away from dieting. I keep control on the quantity rather than cutting out on food or following a daily meal plan.” For someone who wasn’t always this fit and healthy, looking like this surely is a great feeling. After shedding off more than fifteen kilos and dropping down seven inches, Vadra believes that looking fit is not just about bulky muscles but also to be mentally and emotionally in sync.

His passion for feeling and looking healthy just not only reflects on his body but also in his every day activities. He actively updates on Facebook about his workout plans calling it the Fitness Week. Juggling between work and home, the health enthusiast takes out enough time for his exercise.

But doesn’t he get bored of the same routine every day? “I like to work out religiously and therefore fitness is very high on my list and thats why that I take out time for it every day… If you want to see good results from your workout, you have to be ready to work hard and not complain about the pain,” says the fitness junkie. While most men restrict themselves to the gym, Vadra likes to encompass every aspect of fitness to stay in shape and feel good and confident about the way he looks.

Courtesy: http://indiatoday.intoday.in


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