London Olympics 2012: Vijender enters quarter-finals

India's Vijender (left)

Vijender Singh defeated Terrell Gausha of USA 16:15 to book a quarter-final berth in the men’s middleweight (75kg) category boxing at the Olympics, here on Thursday.

Terrell Gausha of USA had a good start to Round 1 as he moved rather well with Vijender struggling to land his punches early on. Vijender kept himself at the center of the ring allowing Terrell Gausha to come his way and take points using counters. The Indian succeeded in doing so and took the first round 4:3.

In the second round, Gausha did not move much as he traded some good right hooks and jabs but Vijender kept his guard up. Near the end of the second round a 30 sec. burst saw both the boxers trading 1-2 combos and landing a few of them. The second round ended with honours even at 5:5.

With Gausha trailing by 1 point, Vijender started to move well all along the ring frustrating the American who was desperate to take the game to the veteran Indian. Gausha set the tempo of the game as Vijender managed to slow it down with some solid defending.

Gausha’s left-right combo had Vijender in trouble as the Indian wobbled a bit but came back strongly with a clean left hook followed by a 1-2 jab. As the bout neared its end a desperate Terrell Gausha let his guard down and a decisive punch straight to the face was landed by Vijender in the final seconds of the round. The 5 judges scored the round 7-7 thus giving Vijender victory by a solitary point with a total score of 16:15 in favour of the Beijing Olympics bronze medalist.



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