Kareena Kapoor’s Heroine poster copied?

Latest poster of the film Heroine

Director Madhur Bhandarkar has been getting a lot of praise for the first poster of Heroine that he released on Twitter himself. However, it appears that the poster may not be an original but ‘inspired’.

Dhanvant Sanghvi

The poster has Kareena Kapoor lying on a bed with glossies around her along with a wine glass. The idea for the look of the poster seems to be inspired by the book cover of Siddharth Dhanvant Sanghvi’s The Lost Flamingoes Of Bombay.

Even the protagonist of Sanghvi’s book is a film heroine named Zaira. In Heroine too, Kareena Kapoor plays a silver screen actor.

The poster was well received by the people on Twitter.

“Thank you for the enormous & overwhelming response for the posters. Promo to be launched online on 25th evening,” Madhur tweeted.

Madhur has so far not said anything on the poster being copied.

The first teaser of the film will be released on July 25.


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