Guard stops Goa CM Parrikar for fifth time at Panaji hotel


GOA CM Manohar Parrikar

Goa CM Manohar Parrikar was stopped by a guard at a Panaji five-star hotel as part of a security check on Wednesday. Parrikar, who was sworn in for the top job on March 9 and is known for his simple lifestyle, has been moving without police escort and is guarded by just one police security officer (PSO). “The gurkha (guard) at the main gate stopped me. He did it for the fifth time since I became the CM,” Parrikar told a gathering at the hotel, Cidade De Goa, which included, among others, the hotel owner’s son, Ambar Timblo.

“I walked back 200m and called my PSO to tell the guard that I was the chief minister of the state,” Parrikar , a metallurgical engineer from IIT, added. “My ego was hurt,” he admitted frankly. Parrikar added that he later realised, while sitting in the hotel, that “it was not necessary for the guard to know that I am the CM”. Timblo refused to comment on the matter, stating that the CM himself had no hard feelings against the guard. Thursday being a holiday for him, the guard was not on duty. But going by Timblo’s statement, his job seems safe.

Security at the hotel was beefed up after the 26/11 Mumbai attack and anyone entering it has to now compulsorily pass through a metal detector and be frisked.

Nita Sen, the hotel’s general manager, said in response to an SMS: “The CM was appreciative of the (security) measures at our resort and commended us for the same.” Parrikar was at the hotel as a chief guest for the distribution of scholarships instituted by the Goa Education Trust. He has earlier said that doing away with unnecessary security has saved expenditure for the state exchequer.


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