National Geographic reader pics

          It was a routine dive with no special images until I came eye to eye with this turtle at Sipadan Island, Malaysia. It was hovering at the surface relaxing itself. It allowed me to come close enough to take a picture of it. This is the result.

              It is early morning in Masai Mara. The male cheetah is trying to bring down a hartebeest over three times its weight. The front claws are hooked into the hindquarters and side of the hartebeest. Both animals are running at full speed.

   This photo was taken near Yevpatoria town in Crimea, Ukraine. The red color of the water is because of the microorganisms living in it during the summer and fall.

             In spring, as the nesting ground of ring-billed gulls, Niagara Falls has attracted hundreds of thousands of birds.

   This cute little guy stuffed his cheeks with bird seeds as much as he could, and he kept coming back for more. It was a lot of fun to watch.

              An onlooker of the annular solar eclipse witnesses the celestial event on May 20, 2012.

   This robin nestling hatched on May 15. The nest is located in Newton, Kansas. The remaining eggs hatched on the 16.

   Visiting the 14th-century Alcazar Palace in Seville I was struck by the amazing colors of the hammam and the light playing on the arches with their reflection in the water.



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