Retired Army chief will join our forces, says Baba Ramdev

General VK Singh and Baba Ramdev

Having retired as the Army chief, General V.K. Singh is now all set to publicly come out in support of the movements of anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare and yoga guru Baba Ramdev.

In an interview to Headlines Today executive editor Rahul Kanwal, Ramdev on Friday said that the controversial former Army chief would share stage with the anti-corruption activists during a mega agitation starting from August 9.

Interestingly, Ramdev revealed that he had been in touch with Gen Singh for many months to persuade him to join his movement.

He said Gen Singh would be a major force multiplier for his and Team Anna’s movements against corruption and black money.

Excerpts from the interview:
Headlines Today: It has been heard that in next few weeks a member is going to add to your team. You have been talking to the former Army chief.

Baba Ramdev: When he was not the Army chief, he used to come to peeth (Patanjali Yogpeeth). When I look at the history of Indian Army, I see that if someone has dared to raise voice against corruption in the Army and against the government, still being inside it, is General V.K. Singh. He is a brave man and has zeal in him. Government tried its best to insult him but he did not budge from his path and remained there. We have talked to him and we hope that he will play a significant role against black money and corruption.

Headlines Today: But it is alleged that being in the Army, he did not follow orders, which is wrong for a soldier.

Baba Ramdev: See, he was the boss of Army. He did what a responsible, honest, patriotic and brave leader is supposed to do. That is why I reject these allegations.

Headlines Today: With his joining, how will it benefit your campaign?

Baba Ramdev: This is a campaign of all Indians. This is not for a party or politics. So, apart from the 121 crore people of this country if some prestigious people join this campaign it will help increase others’ trust in it.


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