IIFA diaries: Bollywood sizzles in Singapore

Bipasha Basu and Shriya Saran

It has been raining stars in Singapore for the prestigious International Indian Film Academy(IIFA) Awards as Bollywood A-listers have been landing here for the gala show.

As cine stars queued up to check into their hotel rooms, Headlines Today captured some of them in the camera.

Actor Shahid Kapur, who would host the show, said, “I am totally destroyed. Flight timing is so strange. It’s neither morning nor night.”

Actor Abhay Deol’s feelings were no different as he said: “I am tired.”

Tired yet smiling, the attendees were in high spirits. After all it is going to be a weekend of revelry for them.

Filmmaker and actor Farhan Akhtar, who too would anchor the show with Shahid, said, “We will try and do something quick. But we can’t share what exactly right now.”

From debut anchors to first-timers at IIFA, everybody was excited about the big night. The stars were all set to give their perfect shot.

Veteran singer Usha Uthup said, “I am very excited.”

Singer Mika said, “My first performance at IIFA rocks.”

The buzz that Salman Khan might skip the IIFA Awards has come as a big disappointment for his fans. However, sources said that he might just turn up and surprise his fans.

In fact, Salman might just turn up in full force with Katrina Kaif in tow. The duo has reportedly wrapped up Ek Tha Tiger shoot and has landed back in Mumbai.

On the other hand, Katrina’s good friend Ranbir Kapoor has become pain in the neck for IIFA organisers. The actor reportedly has been throwing starry tantrums and has also given a list of do’s and don’ts that he wants the organisers to adhere to.

In fact, Ranbir is not the only one in the list of tantrum throwers. He is getting company from actress Bipasha Basu, who has been giving a hard time to the organisers too.


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