Fans of Salman Khan march to his residence with unique gift, a 700 metre long T-Shirt


Salman Khan

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan sure has a huge fan base and his fans would go lengths and breadths to prove their love for the actor. One such fan has created a 700 metre long T-shirt for the Dabangg star.

The T-shirt holds testimony to Khan’s enormous fan-base. The huge T-shirt has been designed by Rekha Sharma, a die hard fan of the Most Wanted actor.

“I had met Salman Bhai in a show and I had told him then that I had made a T-shirt for him. Now I have made it. It’s made of 700 meters of cloth. It has all Bhai’s film names until Ek Tha Tiger,” Rekha said.

Because of his outstation shooting schedule, Salman’s could not personally compliment his fan’s efforts even though Rekha and her loved ones marched all the way to Galaxy, Salman’s residence in Mumbai.

“If he was here, it would have been nice. But then I was missing him so I though I will come out with this T-shirt here,” Rekha said.

Though it was not for the first time that Salman was showered with love from fans, but the 700 metre T-shirt would certainly be a memorable one for the Bollywood’s eternal bachelor.


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