Top 10 saddest break-ups in Bollywood

Salman Khan & Aishwarya Rai: This can be easily termed as Bollywood’s worst break-up of all time. Ash and Salman got close while filming Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and their chemistry was for all to see. But Salman’s hot temper led them calling it splits and very publicly. Apparently Salman was very possessive of Ash which didn’t go down very well with her. There were reports of him hitting her, assaulting people and barging on film sets which got too much for the lady to handle. Salman then moved on to Katrina Kaif but is single again. Ash also moved on and got in a relationship with Vivek Oberoi and practically ended up ruining his life and career. Vivek got into public spats with Salman but, to his dismay, Ash decided to quit.

John Abraham & Bipasha Basu: This couple is the most recent one to succumb to a break-up. John & Bipasha had been going rock solid for almost 10 years when reports of their break-up surfaced. Bipasha indirectly stated that John was cheating on her which led to their break-up. Guess even the most solid of relationships cannot hold their own against the pressures of Bollywood. John is currently dating Priya Runchal (an investment banker) while Bipasha is happily single (or not if her reported link-ups are to be believed).

Shahid Kapur & Kareena Kapoor: This was one of the most popular relationships, when it was going on and even when it wasn’t. These young Kap(u)oors were the talk of the town what with their mms scandal and inseparable appearances. They were one of the stable couples and had been going out for 3-4 years. Their sudden break-up came as a shock to everybody. Nobody knows the clear reason but if rumours are to be believed, Kareena’s closeness with saif during the filming of Tashan led to their break-up. We would’ve loved to see them together but fate had other plans and Kareena is now busy making wedding preps with Saif.

Kelly Dorjee & Lara Dutta: This relationship was an inspiration to those in Bollywood and even otherwise. This 12 year long relationship abruptly came to an end and no one could understand why. Kelly & Lara had been a couple since their modelling days and while Lara went on to become a successful actress after winning the Miss Universe crown, Kelly’s Bollywood career never took off. Allegedly Lara’s attraction towards Dino Morea was the reason for the split. In fact Kelly openly admitted to Stardust magazine that Dino Morea shouldn’t have done what he did, leaving no secrets barred. Well, Lara is now happily married to tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi & is a proud mommy while Kelly is hardly seen anywhere.

Abhishek Bacchhan & Karisma Kapoor: Abhishek & Karisma both come from big Bollywood families and resultantly their engagement made headlines. They officially got engaged in a grand affair on the occasion of Amitabh’s 60th birthday. Sadly, the engagement was even more short-lived than Abhishek’s successful filmy career. After announcing their split, they left everybody wondering about the reason for the same. Apparently Jaya didn’t approve of Karisma for a reason known best to her and her family. There was another rumor that the relationship couldn’t bear the interfering nature of Karisma’s mother, Babita. Well, all that’s in the past now. Abhishek is married to Aishwarya and recently became a father

Ranbir Kapoor & Deepika Padukone: This couple was another high profile one. They made efforts to keep their relationship under wraps but couldn’t do so for long as everybody saw through their facade. Their every move started making headlines, from Deepika’s RK tattoo to their airport kiss. But, apparently, Mummy Kapoor wasn’t too happy with this union, and Ranbir being the mama’s boy that he is, happily broke up with this leggy lass. Deepika later revealed on ‘Koffee with Karan’ that he cheated on her and took digs at him, which definitely made for some saucy viewing.

Ness Wadia & Preity Zinta: Ness & Preity were quite a happy couple and struck the perfect pose for the shutterbugs wherever they went. Just when everybody thought they would tie the knot, they called it quits. Nobody quite knows the reason behind the split but the duo has handled it quite gracefully. They still are partners in the IPL team Kings XI Punjab and continue to attend IPL meetings together.

Amitabh Bacchhan & Rekha: This couple was/is the most mysterious of all. They never admitted to being a couple but it was alleged that Silsila was inspired by the real life love triangle between Amitabh, Jaya & Rekha. But if they never were a couple how come they don’t even acknowledge each others’ presence anymore. As they say, there is no smoke without fire. Maybe this is one story that will never be out in the open.

Saif Ali Khan & Amrita Singh: Saif married Amrita Singh, 5 years his senior in a secret ceremony and dropped the bomb on his parents only later. This odd relationship was talked about initially but not for long when people saw them happily married with 2 kids in tow. But who knew this happy couple would head for splitsville after a few years. Saif has since moved on to a stable relationship with Kareena while Amrita is just another has-been actor and an ex-wife, who we truly feel sad for.

Aamir Khan & Reena Datta: Aamir married Reena even before his first, and superhit, movie QSQT released. He revealed his marital status only after the release of the movie. They had 2 kids and, for 16 long years, Reena stuck with him through all his alleged link-ups with other women. Apparently, the cracks started appearing long before they actually split and Aamir’s closeness with Kiran Rao, then the asst. director of ‘Lagaan’, acted as the last straw. According to Reena, Aamir is a closet womaniser. Whatever be the case, Aamir is now happily married to Kiran and even has a son with her. As for Reena, well, she is just another Bollywood ex-wife.



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