The cutest celebrity kids ever

Suri Cruise
Suri Cruise: The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes constantly makes headlines for her enviable wardrobe and her fetish for shoes. The biggest newsmaker was her being named in the list of the Best Dressed Women by Glamour magazine. Pushing the whole debate of the “too-young-for-all-these” aside, we cannot help but gush at everything this gorgeous child wears or does.

Kiaan Kapoor
Kian Raj Kapoor, that’s what Karisma Kapoor, affectionately called Lolo named her son. The family flew out to Goa to celebrate Kiana’s second birthday. Interestingly, apart from Mommy Lolo and aunt Bebo, the little one’s grannies Babita and Neetu were also part of the entourage.

Romeo Beckham
Romeo Beckham: Probably another style mogul in the making is the second son of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham. The son of the power couple in terms of fashion lives up to the legacy that is being created by his parents. Romeo was placed at 26th position on GQ Magazine’s Best Dressed List

Harlow Winter Madden
Harlow Winter Madden: Harlow has often been dubbed as the cutest celebrity baby and it isn’t hard to see why. From her fashionable outfits and hairstyles to her pinchable cheeks, Harlow has just all the ingredients of a near-perfect future model

Nine year old Aarav is an active contributor to the cause of global warming. The Bollywood Khiladi, is a perfect daddy who spends quality time with his son despite his hectic schedule. Will Akshay’s son be the second Khiladi in tinisel town?

Rasha and Ranbir
Raveena is a proud mother of her kids Ranbir and Rasha. Loving and well-mannered, Raveena dotes on them and shares anecdotes about the mischief they get up to. Running behind her kids is the secret to the star’s fitness as well!

Seraphina Affleck
Seraphina Affleck: Seraphina Affleck just turned two lat year year but already has a lot written or said about her apart from elder sister Violet. In fact, she was voted 2010’s third favourite celebrity baby in Celebrity Baby Scoop’s 3rd Annual Readers’ Choice Awards


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